It’s useless that you are there looking at me with that strange behavior. If you have something to say, speak. Basically I do not care what’s on your mind, but even if I don’t like it, life has placed me in a position in which I’ve necessarily to relate with you. So I relate with you. I think. I speak. I don’t just look at you, I don’t just inspect you, I don’t just judge you. I’m not a spectator of your life. I interact with you. I express myself. I express my ideas. And your ideas? You cannot play this game with me. I can read into your mind. I can perceive any symptom of resentment or disagreement through your voice, your eyes or your movements. That’s why I hate all of your fake smiles or condescension. I’d like to have a verbal fight / confrontation with you. But this is impossible. You don’t like to speak about your opinions, to express yourself so much. You prefer a quiet life, you’re for the peace in the world.

Long time ago someone said that if you act like a stupid it’s because you don’t want to take part in the war. Maybe he or she was just talking about you. You don’t convert your thoughts into words. No, you don’t do it because it’s too dangerous and you risk to take part in a war that you don’t like or you would not be able to deal with. A war that is nothing more than a mutual exchange of points of view. And the most detestable side of you, it’s not that you don’t have your own point of view. Indeed. Of course you have it. But you keep it for yourself.

Tell me something.

I’m really curious to know it. I’m dying to know how you feel to be liked by everyone. Is it satisfactory? And is it satisfactory to lock yourself in yourself and show to the world a face of cock that doesn’t bark or bite? Is it satisfactory that no one has never said fuck off to you? I don’t expect you to answer. You won’t do it because it will be against your true nature and your principles. You will just answer some nonsense sentences like “forget it” or “it’s not worth to discuss it” if your courage is on your side, otherwise you will dismiss me with a smile or an emoticon. Yes, emoticons. They are more fashion and famous these times. Who knows maybe you might even stumble across an allusive link on facebook which shows a mentality similar to yours. Then you’ll be happy to share it. It’s not so much risky to expose themselves in this way, no?

Moreover, of course you have a best friend with whom you can vent your most hidden malice, a loyal friend who will not ever object to you. An easy life, is it not? Who knows maybe you disseminate only peace and love also with your dear friend.

After all, why should you risk?