September 11, 2013

“In medio stat virtus” said Latins .

Virtue lies in the middle.

Being extremists and radicals is much easier than staying in the middle.

Being in the middle involves balance, weight , choice, selection. Selecting from the two extremes the best and getting them to behave together.

Well.. it’s not so easy .

If the person with who you are in love tells you that he/she is really in love with you, would you be happy? Well, I think so.

And if he/she tells you to wait for an indefinite period of time during which this love will not fade, will you continue to be happy for your love?

In this case the extreme choices are two :
1 . Deleting this person from your life.
2 . Immediately reaching him/her wherever he/she is.

The middle choice instead is this:
Being happy of the love that binds you to that person and having faith in this love even if there is temporarily no physical contact. Having patience and trusting in yourselves and in the other.

The distance is frightening.

And we pretend to defeat this fear choosing one extreme or the other. But this behaviour belongs to a coward, insecure, weak, and scared person.

We are surrounded by people who are afraid. Fear of exposure, fear to expose own ideas, fear of fear, fear of being judged by others, fear of new experiences, fear of the dark, insects, black man, fear of the unknown, fear of death.

Fear of the distance.

The society feeds us with fear and the result is a bunch of morons around us.

Distance is a stupid fear. If we are afraid of the distance is because we don’t believe in ourselves. Fear is uncertainty. We must not think too much, be fear or doubtful. Certainty wins fear. If you really love that person and if you are sure that this love is corresponded, then… why being afraid? If this person has meant and means a lot for you and if you are sure that you he/she will always stay inside your heart … Do you have to be afraid or fucking happy?

Be happy and do not be afraid.

Weaknesses are not innate! We create them or they are automatically created in us without our realizing it. But as they are revenue, they can go to hell. You just have to work at it.

The past bears heavily on our opinion and on the way we interpret things. The previous experience reappeared always to break our balls.

And we must not be afraid of the future. The fact that it is uncertain should make you happy. If your next 50 years are already written I think you will suicide tomorrow.

The distance scares, but the energy that binds two people does not know kilometers, planes, trains or cars. It does not know space or time. There is and it will always exist. When there isn’t it just because it has not been discovered yet, but in the moment it is made ​​light of it, it will shine of life forever.

And do not be fooled by all these modern loves that arise and vanish into thin air, because they do not have true energy!

We must overcome our fears to allow this energy to vibrate towards new horizons, no brakes.

If you think you have fear, you will have fear.

If you are afraid, things will go wrong.

If you think you can not find a job, you will not find a job.

If you think you lose the person you love, then you will lose him/her.

Who’s afraid always fails because he/she fails with himself/herself first.

The secret is to work on yourself. Do not abandon yourself to anger and fear. Be strong and confident that everything revolves around you like you would be a sun! 🙂