Being simply yourself…well, it’s not so simple. Or rather, it is easy to be but hard to understand.

Moreover, being yourself is a dynamic, changeable, adaptable and unpredictable concept. You cannot program to be yourself, it’s not a static and one-sided choice. No, it’s an explosion of probability. And being yourself, perhaps, is just let yourself live each of these probabilities.

Being yourself doesn’t mean being in a certain way , but do not preclude the possibility of being in any way.

Once you understand it, you will be it.

Do you think that being yourself is equivalent to dress alternative, have 10 tattoos, send to fuck who you want when you want, get drunk as a shit every night, try shamelessly with a girl or make the lamps in June?

I think being yourself is equivalent to smile at life without shame. Smiling at strangers on the street. Smiling at a little wagging dog. Smiling at a flower kissed by the sun . Smiling in front of the mirror. Smiling at yourself.

And whatever you do, whatever you dress, whatever you seem to be… your smile will tell the truth . Certainly not the smile that you print in command on your face when you take a picture. No. But the smile of your soul. A soul without fear of failing, of being judged . A soul without fear of suffering and without fear of being happy .

You are so afraid to be happy.