October 27, 2013

Be far from prejudices. Don’t rush into the arms of a thousand&thousand affable lovers. And don’t inject alcohol into your veins just to make your life uninhibited. Appearance grieves.. you don’t need money, and time does not run, it’s not too fast for you. Listen to others, don’t interrupt them when they are speaking with your speeches, with your problems or with your valuable advices. Listen to yourself. Spoke to yourself. Try to know what you do and why you do it. Be conscious and be aware, about everything. Don’t hurt yourself. You hurt yourself and you know it. You are unsatisfied and you know it. But? You are a conscious victim, and this destroys you. You have often thought that the solution would be to be an unwitting victim, like those who are unaware of everything and happy at all. But no, you’re a conscious victim and you know that you will never be unconscious. The only thing you can do is get out of this state of victimhood. But how? Why realizing the situation is not enough? What do you really miss? Your fear of loneliness has always brought you to throw yourself into the arms of ordinary people, friends of convenience … for what? Nothing. So many people, but nothing. So much alchool, but nothing. A lot of drugs, but nothing. Lots of music, but nothing. So much food, but nothing. So many clothes, but nothing. A lot of jewelry, but nothing. A lot of money but … nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.


Do you need everything that surrounds you? You haven’t lost time, time is you. Everything you do has a reason. People you meet have a reason. You meet some people for a reason. Time is you and you do what you feel when you feel it. You have never wasted time and now if you think you did it, it’s just the opposite because finally you can watch with outer eye behind you. It’s time to direct your energies on different horizons. If you feel comfortable doing something, do it, you’re not wrong. What’s wrong at least? Something could be a mistake for you, but for someone else could be the solution, the rightest thing at the time. We are all different. You are you. Your time is you. You may receive the best advice in the world and do not understand its value because it is not your time, it’s not the right time for you. Each of us has the own right time. Don’t tell others what is right for them. Share your knowledge. Share your love. Help others to find their way. The way that allows each of us to understand who we are and what we want. What we want to be. Being. Existing and sharing ourself. Do not keep your knowledge just for yourself. Share it. But, don’t ever raise yourself above someone else. Get in touch with others, open them the door that allows to access to your knowledge and let them come and go whenever they want. It’s up to them to grasp the right value when they are ready..it’s not up to you to decide or demand it. You may not know when the time is right for someone else. Do not judge them. Help them. Help yourself. Accept the knowledge that someone else share with you. Don’t see it as an imposition. Image everything on you and analize the effects. Follow the flow of your energy, let your energy flow towards those of others and analize the effects. If you feel you want to do it, if it gives you a deep lightness, if it creates harmony and balance, do it. It doesn’t matter if you do not know what to do at that exact moment, but try to be aware of what is not good for you, for your essence. You’ll understand it when you least expect it and you’ll see a bright light. Do not be afraid of that light, look at her and let her to blind you. It’s the light of awareness and infinite time. It’s the light of energies and feelings. It’s the light that guides all generations, those who gave birth to you and those who will come after you. You were not born by chance, and your life has a meaning. All of us has a meaning. And no one has sense alone. You were born from this light and you leave it. Family, society, history, economy, emotions, etc. in which you moved your steps, have brought you away from this light. All of us were taken away by this light. It’s necessary to move away from it and then find it again when the time is right. Only at that time you can gather its true essence. It’s a special light and once you found it, it will not abandon you again.

When you judge others, you are judging yourself. When you feel superior to others, you’re burying yourself. When you don’t listen to others, you’re not listening to yourself. When you harm others, you’re hurting yourself. When you cheat, you’re betraying yourself. When you blame someone else, you’re blaming yourself.

Don’t do it. And if you do it, it’s simply because your right time has yet to come. I don’t judge you for this, I just wish you good luck.

I love you.