October 18, 2013

I was struck by a phrase that my father told me years ago:

“When people leave their house they always look at the ground. Have you ever looked at the sky?”.

My father is not a very deep person, or rather, he is deep in his own way. You must be able to capture in his thousand&formal speeches, something that transcends the adiministrative_paternal_routine. Well, that phrase was part of that something and it became part of myself forever.

Do you look at the sky when you leave your house or when you are walking on the street? Or you’re staring at the time/sms/facebook on the phone, or you are worrying if you have fixed up in good way your shoes/pants/jacket?

I think it’s worth stepping on a dog shit sometimes in order to admire the infinity of the sky with its nuances, the shape of its clouds, the sun’s rays, the wake of a plane thatwhoknowswhereitisgoing… I think it’s worth even let irrigate yourself from few drops of rain somethimes and then, personally…

everything makes me feel


in harmony                                                                                         with myself                        and

with the whole,

the sky speaks to me


I answer.

And from that day when my father asked me that question, I began to notice the architectural decorations of the upper parts of the buildings in my town that I had never noticed before. How is it possible that I’ve never noticed it?

I was surprised at how many things I discovered just looking up sometimes…