We always talk about love as possession without thinking that the possessiveness often reigns also in friendships.
We are taught from an early age that we have to have the best friend…. OUR best friend.
When I was a child I had to “book” my best friend, otherwise I risked that someone could precede me and forced me to choose another one.
The best friend has privileges that other friends do not have, but also the best friend expects something that other friends do not expect.
The best friends, as the lovers, expect the sms of goodnight/good morning, or the “I miss you/ I love you” weekly … and also a monthly average of 4 hearts on their Facebook wall!
No coincidence that I decided to not officialize no longer any relationship!
Why do you need to sign a contract in every kind of relationship?
Can you live without giving a name to all the things you do and all the relationships that you live?
Can you just live?

I don’t need to know your name or what you do in your life to love you.
I don’t need to know how many times you think about me per day or how often you contact me to believe you’re a good friend.
I don’t need to have met you long time ago to love you and I don’t need to see you every fucking day to think we are close friends!
And I do not need to receive constant attentions from you to be happy about our friendship.
But above all, I don’t need to obsessively repeating my feelings for you …
I don’t speak just for moving the air, that’s why if I said to you “I love you” 3 months ago..it’s still valid, dammit, even without its obsessive repetition!
And less you will expect such stupid confirmations from me, most I’ll give to you!

Don’t be offended if tomorrow I will love a stranger as much as I love you.
Don’t be offended if I’ll spend the Saturday evening with him/her or if I’ll decide to not go out at all.
And don’t be offended if you don’t keep up to date on my life 24 hours 24.
Maybe I cannot or maybe I don’t want … in any case, whatever has happened, happens or will happen.. it has been, it is and it will be always SPONTANEOUS!
Be happy for everything I do or I don’t do because it’s natural, pure, free!
What else do you want?

What could be more beautiful than the spontaneity?
I think nothing.
I think that anything that is not natural can be really nice.
A friend of mine once said: “Please contact me only when you truly want to do it and never because you fear that if you don’t do it it can have a negative impact on our relationship..”
Trust that everything that is not spontaneous does not lead to anything good and it is destined to end, or be fake and suffered.

As soon as we are afraid of losing those around us, we have already lost ourselves.
We see ourselves as incomplete people, with empty compartments that things and people absolutely have to fill, but it’s not like that..
There is nothing to fill, there is just so much to expand, infinitesimally ..
Each person can enrich us, everyone is basic but no one is indispensable!
There’s no need to cling forever to one or more people in particular.
We are all passengers!
You should be happy for every friend you known, regardless of whether this friendship is to last days, months or years!
Some friends share with you just one day of their life, but it is a day that lasts forever!

What is possession?
Not even we belong completely to ourselves!
We are abstract matter and concrete energy.

I see