Whether it’s true that these people were strangers or not I don’t care. I love this video. At least…why not? Why should not we kiss a stranger? Because he/she could be a murderess? Because he/she might have diseases? Because we don’t know where he/she was born, how old is he/she, if he/she uses drugs, if he/she has a boyfriend/girlfriend, if he/she is a criminal or what? How many times has happened to meet someone and to set an appointment with him/her? And how many times did you go to that appointment and did you kiss that person? Don’t you believe that at the second, third or fourth date that person is still a stranger? You can discover aspects of dear friends after years. Your partner may appear as a completely different person after years of marriage. You can love a person for a lifetime and one day seeing him/her unexpectedly as a stranger. Do not recognize someone anymore because he/she did or said something that you would never expected. Who is a stranger at least? Life is not enough to know ourselves, so how can you believe to know perfectly someone else? Where is the feeling in kissing a stranger you say? And if the feeling was in the kiss itself? And if the feeling was linked to the anonymity and to the fact that we can love someone even for a single moment in a totally disinterested way? An unpretentious kiss without any expectations. Maybe we should kiss always in this way the people we love. So..why not? We could be one big family. Some of you now could reduce my thoughts to a big pornographic orgy. No. But why not an orgy of feelings? Orgies of emotions and sharings. Hugs and kisses. Smiles and caresses.

A kiss,