What’s a problem and where does it come from?

In order to find an answer to this question, I would start from a very common sentence: “Life is difficult.”

Assuming this statement to be true. I don’t see anything negative in the difficulties, as I don’t see anything negative into a problem. For the theory of opposites according to which nothing has reason to exist without its opposite, solutions wouldn’t exist without problems or simplicity wouldn’t exist without difficulty. In order to appreciate the difficulties in front of which life submit us, together with all the problems that overcrowd it, the first thing we need to understand it’s the true magnitude of any problem and the real cause from which they originate. True understanding of a problem leads to its own resolution, attached with a nice package of teachings that are fundamental to our growth.I emphasize the word “real” beacuse, to the eyes of many, the problem’s entity, as well as its origin, is characterized by a false understanding, i.e. often projected on something or someone outside of ourselves. Not only that, even the solution is identified outside (drugs, medicines, psychologists, etc.). Moreover, it seems almost logical that “external problem = external solution.” Ephemeral solution that takes care of only the symptoms of a problem whose cause is elsewhere. It’s mainly on this aspect that I would like to invite you to think about: every problem has its origin in ourselves and only in ourselves we can find the solution. You could let me note that many problems, together with their related difficulties that life holds for us, often rain down on us without our consent…such as for example a serious illness or a natural disaster (although even in this case I think we should consider ourselves somewhat responsible). But the problem is not what happens, it’s our fault or not, but how we react to what happens to us. We are the drivers of the wagon with which we walk our lives and even though we cannot foresee all the difficulties that life holds for us, we can always find the best way to address them. If we don’t succeed, then the problem arises. It arises from ourselves, and in ourselves we must look for its solution:

why did I create this problem?

This is the question we should always ask ourselves. And the answer has to be found not outside but within us, shedding light on the darkest side of our soul and our spirituality… because many problems lie dormant in the depths of our unconscious and often we live our lives totally ignoring their existence. I have never said say that this introspection is easy. If it had been easy we wouldn’t have ever even created any problem. After all, “Life is difficult.” But when we realize that what we really seek is hidden within us, everything becomes simple and beautiful. Yes, beautiful. How bad could ever be something that can only make us feeling better? Digging deep into ourselves, to reach the place where resides the source of our problems, can only make us feeling better…because it’s in the place where you’ll find the cause that you’ll magically find the solution also.

The real problem is not understanding the problem.

Together with those people who look for solutions outside, there is another variety of people, and that sees the solution to every problem in the removal of the problem itself. Obviously even this it’s an ephemeral and illusory solution. In which sense? This category of people recognizes the problem and in part it also understands it, but it’s not strong enough to deal with it and, therefore, it avoids it. A few examples: there are those who avoid people who hurt them or avoid foods that make them fat, so they don’t get sad or fat…but when they are, not by their own choice, in front of those people that make them sad or foods that make them fat, they inevitably suffer and eat everything without any control. Why is it like that? Because they have simply dismissed the problem, without solving it.

So, look for the source of any problem within yourself, and when you find it don’t get scared but face it! When you decide to face your difficulties, you will begin to appreciate every problem because you will begin to be aware of the fact that all the “problems” that you unknowingly create, have a particular role…the role to let you make many small steps forward in your journey of personal growth.

And it is an infinite path 🙂