What is balance?
Is it a stable and static condition or a permanently unstable condition? Maybe a precariously stable one?
What is stability?
Is it a static equilibrium or a dynamically stable equilibrium?
Can stability be dynamic?
Yes, it could not be otherwise.
Staticity does not exist.

Even a statue corrodes over time. Nothing escapes to the dynamics. Not even the balance. Panta rhei. Also, balance is not synonymous with immobility. In my opinion, balance is a serene and peaceful condition. I would see it as a synonym for awareness. It does not matter if we change or if we fail nor if we are sad or if we feel vulnerable…what is important it is to be aware of what happens to us and around us. Our life can be dynamically unstable, as regards events or states of mind, but consciously stable at the same time. Increased awareness brings greater balance, therefore a lesser chaos. And chaos comes from unawareness. Every emotion, every event, every tear, every smile, every mistake, every satisfaction, every action can become a master of life. Thanks to our awereness we become our own master. Are you sad? Ask yourself why. Are you happy? Ask yourself why. Are you dissatisfied? Ask yourself why. Are you negative? Ask yourself why. Don’t you know why? Ask yourself why. Give a reason to everything that happens to you. Do not waste your tears. Drink them, analyze them, praise them. Look into yourself, speak with yourself. Do not complain about your sadness and do not take your happiness for granted. Each inner dialogue is synonymous with growth, awareness and balance.

We often believe that we have lost our balance but it is simply because we have stopped asking to ourselves “why”. When we lose the sight of ourselves and we begin to move by inertia, routinely, and we begin to take certain things for granted.. it is that the exact time when we fall down onto the ground. Do not take your own balance for granted and do not believe that it is completely achieved. Balance has to be lived day by day but it disappears as soon as we think we do not need to make any more effort to get it. Balance disappears when we stop to look inside ourselves. The presumption of having reached it leads to his own annihilation. Of course you can be aware of your balance but just keep wondering why. Do we feel in balance? Let’s ask ourselves why. Are we aware of that? Let’s ask ourselves why. Do we feel to have lost our balance? Let’s ask ourselves why. Let’s talk with ourselves. Let’s talk. Let’s ask why, to ourselves and to others. When you understand why certain things happen, why certain things happen to us, we give to each event the value that it deserves. By doing so we stop wasting energy in events that do not deserve it at all and we start to appreciate what really deserves our attention and all our “whys”. Ask yourself why, throughout .. Some “whys” will start to come by themselves and others, however, will stop automatically to show up. By asking questions and speaking to yourself, you will understand yourself and, by understanding yourself, you will reach your balance. But it will be the balance of that specific time of your life. Life is an eternal changing, so even the way in which your balance is manifested can change.