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Nothing and no one can complete us, but only enrich us.

None of us is a perfect human being, but we are perfect in our completeness.

In which sense?

In the sense that everyone has got the necessary tools to achieve his/her completeness.

Then… why do we always feel somehow incomplete? Why do we rush so much searching things and people that can complete us? What do we really miss?

Actually we don’t miss anything, but the problem lies in the fact that we always feel that we miss something.

For example, if our stomach gives us a nod of emptiness, we run immediately in search of food and then we eat and keep eating as if there wasn’t any tomorrow. We don’t even give too much importance to what we are eating, because what matters is that we fill our sense of emptiness! Sometimes we are not even hungry, but it’s just our feeling of incompleteness that let us feel hungry and let us believe that we can fix that gap with food ….YUM, YUM, YUM!

Also, when we feel alone and incomplete, we always run to do shopping, but we don’t understand that it is only our wardrobe that gets filled while our soul empties more and more …BUY, BUY! It’s nice occasionally to buy something as a gift for ourselves…but what usually happens is that we sell our soul to those objects by transforming ourselves into objects as well.

The same thing often happens with our heart. If it gives us the slightest feeling of suffering or loneliness, here we are running immediately in search of affection, love, friends, lovers…and if it doesn’t work, we dive into alcohol, drugs…..SPLASH! Is it really our heart to speak to us, to lie to us?

If we perceive a light feeling of deep silence, we rush to call a friend on the phone, to switch on the TV or listening to music. We always need to communicate or listen to someone or something to talk with, to be listened by….BLA, BLA, BLA!

Do we really need to fill us in this way or rush so desperately in search of something or someone to fulfill us as soon as possible? And, most important, do we really feel satisfied after? Did we really solved this lack? We probably believe we did it for the first few seconds, minutes or days…but then what?

Then we find ourselves panting again and looking for something else…and so on forever. We suffer, we run, we try, we find, we rejoice, we lose, we cry….we suffer again, run again, try again..and so on.

The problem is that as long as we continue to look outside for the solution to this feeling of lack, we will end only to find ephemeral and illusory solutions.

Where is that instead we do have really have to look?

Within yourself. This is the only answer. It is not easy at all. It’s not easy because the outside always seems so beautiful and bright, while the inside is dark and things do not appear clearly, then, it’s frightening. It is not easy to sit with yourself, in front of yourself and “talk”. And the only way to really talk to you is to be silent. There are answers that only silence can give and, as darkness, silence scares. Yes, it scares because it could be suddenly interrupted by something unexpected. Yes, it scares because it leaves us naked in front of the mirror of our soul. Being naked scares. Being naked, in silence, in the darkness of ourselves, scares. Not everyone has the courage to do it, and many of those who embrace the challenge, midway take a step back frightened and find themselves back to square one. It is not easy, but after every climb there is always a descent.

Today’s society has grown in the philosophy of NEED. We grew up as incomplete beings that always NEED something or someone to be complete, happy and completely happy. Everything is now advertised and sold to satisfy our needs…

“SELLING EMOTIONS” was the headline of a newspaper article that I read about ten years ago…

Everything and every person has a particular and special role in our life, but everything and every person has to be seen as a means of enrichment and expansion and not erroneously as a means of completion…as a need! There is nothing outside of ourselves that can complete us; however there is an immense variety of experiences and people who can enrich us.

It’s hard to accept it. It’s difficult to be “self-sufficient”. It’s hard to really love yourself without feeling the need of external confirmations, without giving too much importance to others’ opinions, without having always a shoulder to cry on or a hand to hold onto. Nowadays you can just look out the window, watch the TV or walk in a shopping center to find yourself inundated with “pre-packaged solutions” full of additives that “suicide” your soul.

We don’t need it!

If we meet on our journey, people who give us love and serenity, we must be happy and thankful for that… but we must also see it as a very nice meeting, as a fabulous time of sharing…and nothing more! We meet people but do not belong to each other, never. Nothing and no one can complete us, but only enrich us. Nobody can fill our sense of emptiness, because this would be like seeing the other as a physical object to get stuck into yourself, like a puzzle piece missing, and leave it there forever…impossible!!! Not even the real objects can complete us…how can they complete us anyway? They are OBJECTS!

In this path within yourself you must remember one thing:

In order to achieve your inner peace it’s not enough to find refuge on your own peaceful island. Knowing how to be alone with yourself is an unmistakable quality but it must not be confused with the only way of resolution. Who has really reached a state of balance with him/herself is the one who has managed to find a balance with him/herself, with the surrounding reality and, above all, with him/herself in this reality. Reality that includes a host of things, situations and people…many of which often create unease to us. Inconveniences that willingly are our best teachers of life, because they put us to the test and turn on in us the alarm and the desire of resolution.

Life is art

Everything means something.. It’s not easy but it’s nice to try to interpret something about someone that we don’t know, because often there are connections between ourselves and the person that we don’t know, even if we are not aware yet of it.. We are all connected and there’s always something to discover inside each of us. The idea to leave  always a space within ourselves for someone who still we don’t know, that we are knowing now or that soon we will know….it’s lifeblood. It comes by itself the time when you are ready to embrace the things in a certain way even though it is considered a mistake to lose sight of this kind of “hug”, but consciousness doesn’t go very far without awareness.. in the sense that you cannot understand what is best for yourself without being aware of the way down of it, you have to put into practice your consciousness.. and live your own inner light fully. The awareness grows up in small drops, and when you think you are dehydrated, you’re still listening, you’re always fertile ground. Unfortunately and fortunately everything is in our hands, we are masters of ourselves and of our happiness even in dealing with situations that don’t depend on us. Happiness is waiting to be embraced, don’t blame yourself, the “guilts” happen for a reason…analyze them instead to remove them..

The awareness comes in small drops, and when you think you are dehydrated, you’re still listening, you’re always fertile ground. Unfortunately and fortunately everything is in our hands, we are masters of ourselves and of our happiness even in dealing with situations that do not depend on us. Happiness is waiting to be embraced, don’t blame yourself, the “guilts” happen for a reason .. analyze them instead to remove them..

Why a person should find difficult to talk about him/herself in front of another person whose intentions are wholly good? First, you should establish a good dialogue with yourself before that with others, without it you will never have clear and spontaneous relationships and, often, you will believe only to experience them.. It happens many times to delude ourselves and if it happens it’s just because there is something unresolved at the base with ourselves and the solution shouldn’t be found anywhere else except inside of us, although it would seem much easier to trace it into the others. There is a solution that you cannot see, not with the eyes.. Don’t focus on how you did one thing, but what prompted you to do it… If the reasons were clean, transparent and genuine, then that thing, in any way it came out, it’s pretty special, “perfect”…

Life is art. You cannot judge it, you can just live it. We shouldn’t classify it but taste it! Everything you create is beautiful, and not because it’s beautiful to look within certain canons, but because it was born in a fantasy world of your own inner soul.. Art has a vital function, think about whole life as art, about emotions as art, about love as art.. Creativity makes you free to be yourself and to communicate without any obligation imposed from outside. Think about it often, whatever you do, put this thought into everything you do.. When you undertake a certain perspective of life, when you focus your energies in a given way, well…so many beautiful things happen to you and it is not fate or coincidence…we could call it Karma or not call it at all, but one thing is certain: positivity attracts positivity! It’s not a coincidence that certain things happen as it’s not a coincidence that you meet “unknown” people that make you partaker of their lives without knowing who you are. They don’t know anything about you but your energy comes and brings those people around you to share with you what they experience, although apparently they have no reason to do so. Positivity is not necessarily synonymous with optimism, it’s love for love and it’s like transforming everything creatively into something positive for yourself, for others, for everyone.. Everything is included in love.. We would live better if we stop to be afraid, to be afraid of losing the people with whom we have never been really connected, afraid of being alone, afraid of being judged, afraid of not appearing as we would like…a bunch of bullshit!

Often removing the negativity of some people apparently dear to us is needed to clean outside and inside of us, to delete all the shit! Listen to your heart and start doing things that you really love to do, even if this may lead to changes in you that not everyone can understand.. Even if your change is reproached by your friends, despite you’re being happy of it, go on your way because these are people who don’t really care about you and your essence, and just because you don’t behave exactly as they expect from you, when in fact you have gained your identity, they hinder you.. The moment in which you start to be yourself, to listen to your heart and to be spontaneous and sincere with what you feel, some people will automatically turn away from you and others will approach automatically to you, and if you’re happy with yourself, then you will also be sure that the people who will approach to you will only be beautiful and special people. Someone will see you like a muse, a help for their lives, while others will want to share with you their heart and soul.. People are not always ready to accept the changes of others, often because they are unable victims to do the same, or rather they are not yet ready for appending essential changes in their lives and so they try to devalue the path of others..

If you understand what is best for you, you have the tools to help others to find themselves.. Art is nothing if there is no sharing.. Surely you will suffer in your life sometimes but it’s the perspective with which you will face everything that will make your life beautiful as it is. Do what you feel and if you feel something, do it as soon as possible, don’t put off and don’t let anyone to hinder you. Who loves you shouldn’t hinder you and who doesn’t love you deserves to be dismissed.. And the love that binds you to other people is not necessarily a love that stems from a knowledge gained of the other before.. There are those who love you even if they don’t know you, but they love you for the energy you transmit and they make rooting for you.

Make rooting for yourself.

Life is art. Art is sharing. Share your life.

Your energy is worth more than a thousand words

Know yourself and you will know the world. Yes, the world. People, animals, plants. Vibrations, sensations and energies. We spend our lives searching ourselves outside, in the others, in the work, in the expectations. We spend our lives looking for a soul mate or a best friend, without knowing ourselves. The soul mate doesn’t exist if we don’t know our soul. And the “friend of the heart” doesn’t exist if we do not know our heart. Know yourself and others will know you. Love yourself and others will love you . Appreciate yourself and others will appreciate you. Not all of course.. It’s just you, that with the energy you emanate, select the people that are around you, that really know you, that love you or appreciate you. Don’t complain if people that surround you don’t like you, don’t love you or don’t appreciate you as you would like, and don’t blame something or someone else about your dissatisfaction. Because if it happens it’s just because YOU don’t know who you are and what you want. The life that you say being difficult, the world that you say being unfair and the city that you say being small, sad and limited, are full of special people. Yes, those special people that you have been looking for a long time and you have been crying to not have found them. The world is full of those people and you, in the meantime…what do you do? You spend your time complaining that you have not found them without realizing that they pass in front of your tears. Find yourself and they will come to you as a result. If you’ll be running after them losing yourself, you’ll be breathless and alone. And you wont understand where you went wrong because you will waste all of your energy to be angry to have run so much to get what you wanted without any results. Stop for a moment, don’t run without any reason, it’s a waste of energy that you can direct to other resources. Don’t you realize that you are running standing on the spot? Stop for a moment. Give voice to your body, to your mind, to your heart .. and shut your damn mouth. Stop complaining or making excuses. You are not the chosen one of the losers. You didn’t receive the incurable disability of the unhappiness. There is no disease worse than the one we create by ourselves. Your body is vibrating energy that you underestimate. You trust the fate. You call “luck” the positivity and “bad luck” the negativity. You confuse a clue with the case and an effect with a coincidence. Destiny? Luck? Bad luck? Case? Coincidence? Crap. No doubt the environment in which we live (family, friends, school, work, society) is not negligible. But rather than seeing this environment as something that affects us in a negative way, I would see it rather as something that puts us to the test. A stimulus for the emission of our energy. If our energy is negative, inevitably we sow negativity around us. The contrary if it’s positive. Energy is not something that comes out voluntarily or talking for hours, but it is emanated and perceived without any control. It happens. Occurs. And feeling its flow is magical. A new baptism into a mechanical and apathetic reality. Energy doesn’t need words, and I’ve already “talked” too much. See you at your baptism, bye bye.


October 27, 2013

Be far from prejudices. Don’t rush into the arms of a thousand&thousand affable lovers. And don’t inject alcohol into your veins just to make your life uninhibited. Appearance grieves.. you don’t need money, and time does not run, it’s not too fast for you. Listen to others, don’t interrupt them when they are speaking with your speeches, with your problems or with your valuable advices. Listen to yourself. Spoke to yourself. Try to know what you do and why you do it. Be conscious and be aware, about everything. Don’t hurt yourself. You hurt yourself and you know it. You are unsatisfied and you know it. But? You are a conscious victim, and this destroys you. You have often thought that the solution would be to be an unwitting victim, like those who are unaware of everything and happy at all. But no, you’re a conscious victim and you know that you will never be unconscious. The only thing you can do is get out of this state of victimhood. But how? Why realizing the situation is not enough? What do you really miss? Your fear of loneliness has always brought you to throw yourself into the arms of ordinary people, friends of convenience … for what? Nothing. So many people, but nothing. So much alchool, but nothing. A lot of drugs, but nothing. Lots of music, but nothing. So much food, but nothing. So many clothes, but nothing. A lot of jewelry, but nothing. A lot of money but … nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.


Do you need everything that surrounds you? You haven’t lost time, time is you. Everything you do has a reason. People you meet have a reason. You meet some people for a reason. Time is you and you do what you feel when you feel it. You have never wasted time and now if you think you did it, it’s just the opposite because finally you can watch with outer eye behind you. It’s time to direct your energies on different horizons. If you feel comfortable doing something, do it, you’re not wrong. What’s wrong at least? Something could be a mistake for you, but for someone else could be the solution, the rightest thing at the time. We are all different. You are you. Your time is you. You may receive the best advice in the world and do not understand its value because it is not your time, it’s not the right time for you. Each of us has the own right time. Don’t tell others what is right for them. Share your knowledge. Share your love. Help others to find their way. The way that allows each of us to understand who we are and what we want. What we want to be. Being. Existing and sharing ourself. Do not keep your knowledge just for yourself. Share it. But, don’t ever raise yourself above someone else. Get in touch with others, open them the door that allows to access to your knowledge and let them come and go whenever they want. It’s up to them to grasp the right value when they are ready..it’s not up to you to decide or demand it. You may not know when the time is right for someone else. Do not judge them. Help them. Help yourself. Accept the knowledge that someone else share with you. Don’t see it as an imposition. Image everything on you and analize the effects. Follow the flow of your energy, let your energy flow towards those of others and analize the effects. If you feel you want to do it, if it gives you a deep lightness, if it creates harmony and balance, do it. It doesn’t matter if you do not know what to do at that exact moment, but try to be aware of what is not good for you, for your essence. You’ll understand it when you least expect it and you’ll see a bright light. Do not be afraid of that light, look at her and let her to blind you. It’s the light of awareness and infinite time. It’s the light of energies and feelings. It’s the light that guides all generations, those who gave birth to you and those who will come after you. You were not born by chance, and your life has a meaning. All of us has a meaning. And no one has sense alone. You were born from this light and you leave it. Family, society, history, economy, emotions, etc. in which you moved your steps, have brought you away from this light. All of us were taken away by this light. It’s necessary to move away from it and then find it again when the time is right. Only at that time you can gather its true essence. It’s a special light and once you found it, it will not abandon you again.

When you judge others, you are judging yourself. When you feel superior to others, you’re burying yourself. When you don’t listen to others, you’re not listening to yourself. When you harm others, you’re hurting yourself. When you cheat, you’re betraying yourself. When you blame someone else, you’re blaming yourself.

Don’t do it. And if you do it, it’s simply because your right time has yet to come. I don’t judge you for this, I just wish you good luck.

I love you.

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