Know yourself and you will know the world. Yes, the world. People, animals, plants. Vibrations, sensations and energies. We spend our lives searching ourselves outside, in the others, in the work, in the expectations. We spend our lives looking for a soul mate or a best friend, without knowing ourselves. The soul mate doesn’t exist if we don’t know our soul. And the “friend of the heart” doesn’t exist if we do not know our heart. Know yourself and others will know you. Love yourself and others will love you . Appreciate yourself and others will appreciate you. Not all of course.. It’s just you, that with the energy you emanate, select the people that are around you, that really know you, that love you or appreciate you. Don’t complain if people that surround you don’t like you, don’t love you or don’t appreciate you as you would like, and don’t blame something or someone else about your dissatisfaction. Because if it happens it’s just because YOU don’t know who you are and what you want. The life that you say being difficult, the world that you say being unfair and the city that you say being small, sad and limited, are full of special people. Yes, those special people that you have been looking for a long time and you have been crying to not have found them. The world is full of those people and you, in the meantime…what do you do? You spend your time complaining that you have not found them without realizing that they pass in front of your tears. Find yourself and they will come to you as a result. If you’ll be running after them losing yourself, you’ll be breathless and alone. And you wont understand where you went wrong because you will waste all of your energy to be angry to have run so much to get what you wanted without any results. Stop for a moment, don’t run without any reason, it’s a waste of energy that you can direct to other resources. Don’t you realize that you are running standing on the spot? Stop for a moment. Give voice to your body, to your mind, to your heart .. and shut your damn mouth. Stop complaining or making excuses. You are not the chosen one of the losers. You didn’t receive the incurable disability of the unhappiness. There is no disease worse than the one we create by ourselves. Your body is vibrating energy that you underestimate. You trust the fate. You call “luck” the positivity and “bad luck” the negativity. You confuse a clue with the case and an effect with a coincidence. Destiny? Luck? Bad luck? Case? Coincidence? Crap. No doubt the environment in which we live (family, friends, school, work, society) is not negligible. But rather than seeing this environment as something that affects us in a negative way, I would see it rather as something that puts us to the test. A stimulus for the emission of our energy. If our energy is negative, inevitably we sow negativity around us. The contrary if it’s positive. Energy is not something that comes out voluntarily or talking for hours, but it is emanated and perceived without any control. It happens. Occurs. And feeling its flow is magical. A new baptism into a mechanical and apathetic reality. Energy doesn’t need words, and I’ve already “talked” too much. See you at your baptism, bye bye.